U.S. Hands Off Syria! – No War!
All Out Saturday, Sept. 7, Boston!
Rally at Park St. Station (Tremont & Park Sts.), 1:00 PM


U.S. Hands Off Syria! – No War!
All Out Saturday, Sept. 7, Boston!
Rally at Park St. Station (Tremont & Park Sts.), 1:00 PM 

Dear Antiwar and Social Justice Activists,
A U.S. attack on Syria is imminent as the Obama administration presses Congress to approve a war that the American people and the whole world rejects. They say it is a limited punitive “surgical strike” against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for his alleged use of chemical weapons.  Make no mistake, any military intervention will be a war against the Syrian people.
To date, neither the U.S. or anyone else has presented credible proof of the use of Sarin gas by the Syrian government, the current pretext for yet another war. We certainly know the U.S. government is capable of manufacturing “evidence”, as they did with WMD’s in Iraq, so we should remain skeptical.
More importantly, the U.S. has no political, legal or moral standing to use force against any nation. The warmaking would-be cop of the world has an unbroken record of military interventions that have murdered millions to advance the interests of the ONE PERCENT.  In fact, the U.S. has used and/or supported the use of biological and chemical warfare all over the world, and uses and manufactures these and many other weapons, equally horrific.
With yet another war imminent, all antiwar and social justice activists must assume a mobilization footing and challenge the warmakers in the administration and in Congress on a daily basis. Protests and campaigns to demand that Congress votes against war are planned across the country and indeed, around the world.
All out to oppose any U.S. attack on Syria!  We stand for peace!
(Organizations supporting the rally on Saturday – list in formation.)
United for Justice with Peace, Committee for Peace & Human Rights, United National Antiwar Coalition, International Action Center, Mass. Peace Action, American Friends Service Committee, American Iranian Friendship Committee, Mass. Liberty Movement (Liberty Clubhouse), ANSWER Coalition, Mass. Global Action/encuentro 5, Green-Rainbow Party, Women’s Int’l League for Peace & Freedom-Boston, Women's Fightback Network, Team Solidarity - United School Bus Union Workers, Community Church of Boston, Mass. Pirate Party, #MassOps, Revolution is Evolution, Jewish Voice for Peace, Syrian American Forum, ComeHomeAmerica-Boston Chapter, Veterans For Peace-Smedley Butler Brigade, South Asia Center, South Asians for Social Justice, Arlington United for Justice with Peace, Chelsea Uniting Against the War, Workers World Party
To add your organization and designate a speaker for the rally, contact Marilyn Levin,marilynl@alumni.neu.edu.

The International Action Center, Syrian American Forum, United Anti-War Coalition and other peace groups have united to say:

 Hands Off Syria!

Not Another War!

Anti-war protest August 29 in Times Square




Statement of International Action Center


The people have made it crystal clear: We don’t want another war!


Last week there were demonstrations and rallies against bombing Syria in at least 48 U.S. cities. This Saturday, the 1:00 PM Times Square demonstration will be one of dozens across the country. OnMonday, September 9, as Congress goes back into session, the Syrian American Forum and others will protest in front of the White House, then march to the U.S. Congress.


The cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan exceeds $4 trillion dollars. The cruise missiles the US is planning to fire at Syria cost $1.5 million apiece. The profits of the missile’s maker, Raytheon, may be soaring -- but our cities are crumbling. People are hurting from joblessness, foreclosures, sequester cuts and furloughs. Hospitals and schools are closing.


We need funds for job programs, healthcare and education, NOT billions wasted on war and destruction.


War propaganda always accompanies war. In 2003 before the attack on Iraq, it was “weapons of mass destruction.” In 1991 in the first Gulf War it was “incubator babies.” In Vietnam it was U.S. ships being fired on in the Gulf of Tonkin.


It’s ludicrous to think that the Assad regime used chemical weapons on the same day weapons inspectors arrived in Syria. The inspectors were less than ten miles away from the attack and had been invited by the Syrian government.


But even if the Syrian government did it, the U.S. is the last country on earth that should start a war on the basis of combatting war crimes.


The Pentagon’s 2004 assault on the city of Fallujah alone left the residents there with staggering rates of cancer, birth defects and infant mortality due to the U.S. military’s use of depleted uranium and white phosphorus.


Just last month the recipient of $1.5 billion in annual military aid, the Egyptian government, brutally cleared the streets of protest encampments that included men, women and children.


By far, the world’s largest stockpile of chemical, nuclear and every other kind of weapon belongs to the United States -- the only country to have used nuclear weapons on civilians.


No, President Barack Obama and Sec. of State John Kerry don’t care about the people of Syria one bit. What they care about is removing a government that gives aid to the Palestinian resistance, Hezbollah and other victims of the Israeli brutality. The repressive regimes in Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf kingdoms beat down the people of the region so that U.S. oil companies can have unfettered access to oil profits.


We don't want another war for the 1%. The rich will win and the people in the U.S., Syria and the entire Middle East region will lose. Hands off Syria!


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